ZORRO (1957 – 1959)


Creator: Johnston McCulley

Cast: Guy Williams, Gene Sheldon, Henry Calvin

The reason I am putting this one in is that I was getting ready to watch a film to be reviewed for my other blog and on Channel 3 in France it is still re-runing to this day. I used to see it when I was about 14 years old and it has stopped since then it is still playing on TV, you got to be kidding me. So cool to revising this little jewel of a series.

There is this little town who has its problem and Zorro is here to fix it and catch the bad guys plus there is bad guys trying to catch Zorro to see who is behind the mask. After 58 years it is so good and it is quality family show from Disney. Guy Williams makes the perfect Zorro here they nailed it. Much of the series’ comic relief is supplied by Barnardo and Sgt. Garcia I always loved that guy he was the coolest thing so goofy at times but fun to watch. Of course let’s not forget Diego’s servant and the only one to know Zorro‘s true identity. Barnardo can’t speak and pretends to be deaf, in order to spy for information and pass it along to Diego. As well as the rest of the others characters who has done an outstanding job.  Dam that brings memories if time. Some day it is going to be in my collection. A terrific little story that is still pleasurable to watch. I still get a kick out of this one then I went Dam I am getting old.




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