Creators: Frédéric Azemar, Quoc Dang Tran, Florent Meyer

Cast: Catherine Arditi, Eric Berger, Jean-Henri Compère

I saw that on Arte a Franco German channel in France. It is a mini-series it consist of 3 episodes of 50 minutes or so. I can’t reveal too much but it start off very well. Here it goes A man a pianist who is married has a concert coming up so you can imagine that the stress is building up. He takes his kid a little infant in his arm and suddenly the kid ‘s eyes turn pure black, then goes back to normal. He freaks out. later he sees his hand some kind of black liquid is covering it, then disappear and has vision of a young boy who he only sees no one z-else see him. He goes to his doctor who is a friend of his tells him what happen to him and the response is you have stress because of the concert that you are going to perform.

Here at first you don not know what is going on at all you think that he is getting visions and that could be related to stress or to some drugs that he is taking. The series moves among just fine then take a serious turn when he collapses on the floor while playing at the concert. The next thing he knows he wakes up in a print shop where a man apparently his boss ask him if he is Ok. Then tae an other turn. This series works just fine has been thought out well and take more than a few turn, but you have to pay attention to  what is happening. I like the fact that it is taking place in Strasbourg a beautiful city but you don’t see much of it. The actors are outstanding here. The cinematography is beautiful especially in the country. Nice little Mini-series here that is worth the look.

Jonathan Zaccaï

Jonathan Zaccaï

Jonathan Zaccaï

Jonathan Zaccaï


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