Creators: Hervé Hadmar et Marc Herpoux

Cast: Jalil Lespert, Simon Abkarian, Armelle Deutsch 

English title:Pigalle at night 

Thomas works in the City of London. During a stay in Paris, he goes to a strip club and discovers that her sister, Emma, whom he has not seen for two years, is the star. He tries to talk to her, but she escapes him. Soon after, she mysteriously disappears without a trace. Thomas then began to explore the Pigalle district  to find her. It is then linked to a conflict between Zainoun Nadir, owner of the two main clubs of Pigalle, and the mysterious owner of a new club, Paradise. This rivalry will destabilize the small world of Pigalle where everyone knows…

Here is a cool series that lasted one year. It was popular in France and Canal plus decided to pull the plug. Now if you are not familiar With Pigalle is where the Moulin Rouge is plus there is sex shop and strip clubs also well some. Pigalle  at night is lively you can find everything there. The 2 creators lived in Pigalle and observed people there and there. They even interacted with them which one said to them I am looking for my sister. And so this is how the script started.

Nadir owes 2 strip club Plus a sex shop he does not like competition and a group of Russian has this club across the street called Paradise. In the mix there is Thomas who is French but works in New York. Plus Pigalle there is a lot of secrets going around. It was shot in Pigalle by the sex shop but the rest of it was done at Luc Besson Stidio a la cité of cinema. Do to  creative difference with the creators and the studio production stop. And that is a shame because it was so looking good.




Simon Abkarian

Simon Abkarian


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