AINSI SOIT-ILS (2012 – )

Ainsi soient-ils

Creators: David Elkaïm, Bruno Nahon, Vincent Poymiro, Rodolphe Tissot

Cast  Jean-Luc Bideau, Thierry Gimenez, Julien Bouanich

The series tells the story of five young men’s backgrounds and their different motivations for entering the seminary of the Capuchins in Paris to become priests in the context of twenty-first century France.

The topics treated deal with major issues of life choices and moral dilemmas that overtake most people in modern society. Yes there are here heroes young people in  training for the Roman Catholic priesthood in contemporary Paris, are all singular in the sense that are all characters with particular problems. We will follow 4 of them in the story. Each of them has a particular personal drama to overcome in his path to Christian formation. It is sensible to the relations here and the rest of the characters who are this superiors facing their own problem and money problem to renovate the church. every years there is less candidate for the priesthood and the monseigneurs does not know what to do about it to get more in. At the series mania in France won the award twice in the row for best series in France. It is an interesting and intelligent series who treat the subject matter with care without offending anyone. Which is hard to do. Also there is politics that comes into play where to get the money to renovate the church and the shuffling around of the monseigneurs plus the back stabbing with the fact that some of them don’t like each other but are still polite about it. Overall a nice little series worth the look.

Ainsi soient-ils

Ainsi soient-ils

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