COPS (1989 – )


Creators: John Langley, Malcolm Barbour

Cast: Andrew Fincher, Joe Guay, Laz Chavez

Here is a reality TV series that is running now 28 years. I was once a young man when I first started to watch this series and now well still young because I have the fountain of youth as you must know there is something in the wine I drink.

It was an experimental program on TV on Fox network and it paid off in a big way. you get to see real cops in action. Pimps, drugs dealers, hookers, stupid people making a fool out of themselves, thieves, burglar, and the best on e my favorite is dumb criminals. You get real car chase real people going to jail. It has humor in it as well, dramatic action, I love the on where people are asked a question like have you been smoking pot tonight and the dude says no I never smoke pot in my life as the cops start laughing and gets the joint behind his ear and said I suppose that is a cigarette and the dude say not it is a joint Oh! shit no-no it is not mine. The foot chase are sometimes awesome but as a cop you have to keep in shape you don’t know what is going to happen most of the time. it is a dangerous job. Here is a cool show that i love to watch from time to time even the reruns.





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