MARY TAYLOR SHOW (1970 – 1977)

Mary Tyler Moore (1970–1977)

Creators: James L. Brooks, Allan Burns

Cast: Mary Tyler Moore, Edward Asner, Gavin MacLeod

Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore)  starts over in a new town after a long romance comes to an end. Well her friend Phyllis (Cloris Leachman),  finds an apartment in Minneapolis. Her upstairs neighbor, Rhoda (Valerie Harper), becomes a good friend. Soon, she’s got a job as associate producer for the evening news at WJM. There she meets her grumpy, sexist boss Lou Grant (Ed Asner), news writer Murray (Gavin MacLeod), and bumbling news anchor Ted Baxter (Ted Knight). And you will get a lots of laughs.

I used to see this show when I first got in the US and i quickly found out what a great show it is that at the time is well written plus it stands out some 45 years later. The first season is outstanding it introduced you to the characters and you see Mary trying to go trough obstacle after obstacle, she is just feeling the ground. It is full of laughs even today like I said it stand out because it is such a good show. The show got so many golden globe it is unbelievable. There is the rapid fire one liners that so works here. I began to love each characters its their own right. The chemistry of the actors is perfect you wonder how they find those actors. Plus theirs performances are awesome. Here is a terrific show that broke though the 70’s just fine and made its mark to all the working class women out there.

Mary Tyler Moore (1970–1977)

 Tyler Moore (1970–1977)


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