WALLANDER (2008 – )

Wallander (2008– )

Cast: Kenneth Branagh, Sarah Smart, Richard McCabe

Wallander is a British television series adapted from the Swedish novelist Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander novels and starring Kenneth Branagh as the police inspector in the small town of Ystad, Sweden and yes it is shot there as well. Henning Mankell (son-in-law of Ingmar Bergman) has a cult following in 150 countries give or take.

The thing is that Wallander is a regular guy who has its flaws and sometimes will not follow the rules. Wallander has to deal with sickos killers and unusual murders. He has a daughter and he is about to get a divorce but really does not want too. He has this difficult relationship with his daughter who wants him to eat healthier and take care of himself. Wallander is a workaholic think, breath, eat, the job. He is calm until he can no longer take it. He consumes alcohol and junk food.The restaurant Bröderna M is on this site and is another favourite haunt of Wallander.Wallander’s favourite café. This is where Wallander likes to eat a snack and take a cup of coffee at Fridolfs konditori. Just to name a few.

Now it has only 3 episodes in each series of one hour and one half each. Basically 3 movies. It takes full advantages of the Swedish landscape which is so dam beautiful that I think I am going to make a trip there, further more I never heard of the series of books until I saw the series. It is shot in Ystad Sweden where there is the favorite pub, pizzeria , restaurant, of Wallander. Like I said a lot of people visit Ystad in the summer just because people want to see where Wallander likes to eat and drink. Even in his favor-te pub there is a sign that named his favorite drink. I got hooked on the series the first episode. I can’t wait to see more, so far there is 4 seasons. Yes one season every two years. Do not miss this one. Kenneth Branagh by the way as done an outstanding job here playing Wallander as well as the rest of the cast.

Wallander (2008– )


Wallander (2008– )


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