LOU GRANT (1977 – 1982)


Creators: James L. Brooks, Allan Burns, Gene Reynolds, Leon Tokatyan

Cast: Edward Asner, Robert Walden, Mason Adams

Edward Asner played Lou grant  in the Mary tyler Show it spin of as Lou Grant but this time he transfer to the L.A times. Well he went into journalism this time around. This was the rash reality of being an editor in chief at a newspaper.

The team: assistant city editor Art Donovan (Jack Bannon); photographer Dennis Price (Daryl Anderson), usually referred to as “Animal,” and the Tribune’s widowed, patrician publisher, Margaret Jones Pynchon (Nancy Marchand). The episodes often ha Grant assigned his team to cover news stories. You see the frustration trying to cover the story and trying to meet the deadline as well as Grant was the mentor of some of his colleagues. The issues that the series tackles usually were nuclear proliferation, mental illness, prostitution, gay rights, capital punishment, child abuse, rape, chemical pollution etc….An every so often you see a glimpse of the private life of the team members. Here is a terrific series that is worth a look with some superb casting. The writers as done an outstanding job here. Lou Grant won 13 Emmy Awards, including “Outstanding Drama Series”. Asner won the Emmy Award for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” in 1978 and 1980.


Lou Grant (1977–1982)


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