CLARA SHELLER (2005 – 2008)

Clara sheller

Creator: Nicolas Mercier

Cast: Mélanie Doutey, Zoé Félix, Frédéric Diefenthal

At thirty, Clara shares an apartment with her best friend JP , also same share the same dreams. JP is gay but every body thinks that JP and Clara are together even JP’s family. After being rejected by a newspaper photographer in which she works, Clara throws in JP’s arms, and they spend the night together. Soon after, Clara falls in love with Bertrand, his editor while JP finds a lover a jungle on a small street, he soon lives with JP . Clara takes it badly.  But Clara announces news that will shock JP, she is pregnant from him. Clara decides to get an abortion.The arrival of the enigmatic Gilles, the new downstairs neighbor will change their lives.

Here is a great series to my surprise it is funny as hell at times and well filmed. It tales all kind of subject that most series won’t tackle. Bisexuality, homosexuality, abortion, the complexity of relationship cancer. Plus it has beautiful photography of Paris and the country. Clara here wanted the prince charming but JP by fallen down the stairs meets Gill who is hereto which JP detect that. Soon after Clara decide to go out with Gill. Gill want to take Clara in Japan but Clara does not want to lose JP her best friend.

Here is a dramatic comedy who remind me of Thirty something the series back in the sate. Here they tackle all kind of subject even the one that are taboo. Thanks to the writer this series moves along well. It seats well with the audience about 24 million people watch the first episode. I do not know why it did only 2 seasons every time that is a series a little nit out of the ordinary tackling subject that the other won’t suddenly it gets cancelled or they intended to do only 2 season I don’t know.Do not miss this one. The thing is the second season is different actors who plays the parts there is two actresses who played Clara and so on I still do not know why it was not the same actors that season one.

Clara Sheller



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