NARCOS (2015 – )

Narcos (2015– )

Creators: Chris Brancato, Paul Eckstein, Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro

Cast: Wagner Moura, Maurice Compte, Boyd Holbrook

Here is a great series about Pablo Escobar’s and the Medellin Cartel exploit in the drug trade, and the people that he pissed off. It is a Netflix Series in conjunction with an other production  French company and it is  Gaumont International. So I got right into it and you will be addicted for sure. I saw a documentary of Pablo Escobar and they stuck with the documentary. Wagner Moura is great at playing Escobar even looks like him. I think he incarnated Pablo perfectly well to a T I should say. The series was shot in Colombia. It does not glamorize the drugs dealer’s life style or anything like that instead you get on one side the drug dealer with Escobar and the other side the investigation with a team of DEA trying to close in on Escobar. There is a narration thought the series of the DEA agent who is after Escobar. It is the story on how cocaine got into the US and all over that world, and it is unbelievable how much cocaine Escobar was producing and getting into the street of the US. They got smarter and smarter on how to smuggling it in the country not counting how much there were bribing police officers, government official and if there were not on his side week you know the story. When there is drugs there is violence a known fact here, Pablo left a body count behind him around 100 or so people. Pablo was on the top 7 list of Forbes back then of one of the most richest man in the world.

The production is so perfect it is not even funny. The decor of the period pieces thought the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s is out of this world, they really paid attention  to the details. The cast is beautifully put together and my hat goes to them. It is a politic, crime, thriller, action kind of series that will stand out and I can’t wait until season 2.

Narcos (2015– )

Narcos (2015– )



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