HART TO HART (1979 – 1984)


"Hart to Hart

Creator: Sidney Sheldon

Cast: Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, Lionel Stander

Hart to hart had a successful run for 5 years and it is easy to see why, my hat goes to the casting director who put Stefanie powers and Robert Wagner as the charming millionaire couple who spent theirs days solving crimes. Featuring a lovable chauffeur sidekick named Max ( Lionel Stander), a cute little dog called Freeway, and enough exotic locales. It was all there was kidnapping, murder, blackmail, etc…not to forget the yacht, the cars and the beautiful home that they lived in plus the beautiful location that the crime was committed in.

I watched all 5 season of this show way back then the thong is about  this couple there were no feud, they were not yelling at each other in fact they loved each other and loved their lives, even solving crime. She is a journalist, he is a millionaire and they had one hobbit that they loved solving crimes. If you ever seen the film who done it called Thin Man well there they updated it and made it a series which works well here. The chemistry of the two actors were perfect it fit like a glove you would thought that they were married in real life but they weren’t. It is a nice show that the family can enjoy.

"Hart to Hart

"Hart to Hart


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