SPOTLESS (2015 – )


Creators: Corinne Marrinan, Ed McCardie

Cast: Marc-André Grondin, Denis Ménochet, Miranda Raison

Jean Bastiére is a crime scene cleaner. He is married has a beautiful wife as well as a beautiful house and two kids in London, basically he has a nice tidy life. When his brother comes to town uninvited with a dead girl in his van. Well you know that is distant for some kind of trouble and the boring married life turns into not so boring. But Jean wants his brother out of his life.

Here is a series Franco-British with two French actor in it who obviously speaks great english. Jean has his own business a crime scene cleaning business. His bother is running from some dudes who want their stuff back as in drugs plus his brother has his dead body on his hand. Little by little Jean’s brother Martin trying to see the drugs to some thugs but gets dipper and dipper into trouble with the organized crime. The first season deal with introduction of the characters. Jean’s wife who is looking for a job but is thinking to get her own business started. Jean’s business is struggling to top it all the cop that jean is dealing with to get some business is under investigation plus he is truing to get his brother out of his life. There is one thing one they were kids the thad some kind of trauma that happens to them little by little we find more about throughout the flashback. Terrific series here well written with some gruesome cinematography as well. Put that one your list. I can’t wait until season 2.




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