WITHOUT A TRACE (2002 – 2009)


Creator: Hank Steinberg

Cast: Anthony LaPaglia, Poppy Montgomery, Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Jack Malone (LaPaglia) heads up a team of FBI operatives in the Big Apple whose mission is simple: If someone gets lost or missing his job with his team is to find them as quickly as possible one the clock is running it keeps on ticking until they find the missing person of persons. As Malone says “once the trail’s been cold for forty-eight hours, the chances of finding somebody hover close to none.”

One of the best police procedural shows on television and I think never been done until now. Here the cast work well together Jack is the team leader and there is a lot of pressure de deliver and return the person missing. Of course every team as a new player on the team. At first the new guy screws up very good.it is only later on that he catch things up and getting good at his job. The team are able to  examine the victims where they lives and trace their location in an attempt to find out whether they have been kidnapped, killed, committed suicide, or just ran away. Samantha Spade (Poppy Montgomery) is a good agent who makes sure she gets the job done to find people as quickly as possible.Vivian Johnson (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) is a straightforward agent who doesn’t take any shit. Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano) is a passionate but does not say much. Martin Fitzgerald (Eric Close), the newest member of the team, who is considered new a this because his only experience involves fighting white-collar crime.

It is a fast pace show the police procedure to show how the FBI gets the retrieve the missing persons or persons. The actors have chemistry here and does a great job of delivering their roles.They try to reconstruct the hours and days leading up to the disappearance. They attempt to figure out how and why the missing person has disappeared from the routine of day-to-day life. Here is they draw the viewer into the story line. You get to see in detail how they are looking for a missing person and try to exhaust every possibility. Here is good show. The thing is toward the last season I think people got enough so it ended a 8 years run That is a good run for a series.





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