Creator:  Charlie Brooker

Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Toby Kebbell, Rory Kinnear

Season 2 is great. With 3 new episodes and I can’t wait for the next season to start. Here is a break out series that is creative and well written from Charlie Brooker.

Episode 1 Be right back: A couple leaves in the country somewhere in England. They are happy together and everything is going well.  Ash has to return the moving van and gets into an accident and dies. Martha is left to cope with loneliness a woman suggest that she goes with this service a computer software to help her out with her grieving. an interesting one there.


Episode 2. White bear: Here is a woman who is just waking up to a suicide attempt   a bunch of pills laying on the floor to top it all off she does not remember who she is. When she goes out side she finds people are filming her with their smart phone  and finds that she’s being hunted by a group of masked goons who ants to kill her. This one comes across like the film Running man a little bit but differently.


Episode 3: final regular episode of the series is “The Waldo Moment,” and it’s about a man who voices a foul-mouthed animated bear (Waldo) during segments of a popular talk show.It shows how politicians can be almost by a cartoon character played by comic dude who is uneducated and bashes the politicians to death. Look at Donald Trump the thing he says and the scary part is that people are going to vote for him and he does not know politics what so ever. The last one is not as brilliant as the other episodes but it makes a point about politicians.


A must to have in you collection.


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