CHEFS (2015 – )

Chef 2015

Creators : Marion Festraëts, Arnaud Malherbe, 

Cast: Clovis Cornillac, Hugo Becker, Anne Charrier

A  chef, figure own a restaurant in Paris Named Le Paris, takes in  every year in his brigade a young offender on probation. Romain, just released from prison, arrives in this new world which blends of gastronomy and excellence. After a difficult integration, it shows a real talent and moves up the ranks.

Here is a terrific series with some twist and turn that is across drama and a thriller where the writing si intelligent and the direction of the story is original. The characters are very well incarnated as well acted and Clovis Cornillac shines here big time the role is just written for him in mind I suppose. Clovis is plays the role of the chef who owns the restaurant and this chef has a big head there is no second best for him. He except the best from his brigade and his sous-chef. Of course he comes with an ugly past and when he accept an ex-con in his kitchen this time it is not by accident he has chosen him. Basically the chef has skeleton in his closet. Plus the fact there is a suspicious character in the mixed. I will say no more. It is on Netflix in Europe and the season one will keep you wanting more I have all 6 episode in 2 days. You will be addicted. This cast has chemistry all the actors here shines. It is a joy to see such a cast at work here; as well as the writer as put the soul into it. it is a must see.




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