CHERIF (2013 – )


Creators: Lionel Olenga, Laurent Scalese, Stéphane Drouet

Cast: Abdelhafid Metalsi, Carole Bianic, Mélèze Bouzid

Kader Sheriff loves his job. He is a detective in the city of Lyon France. He loves his job so much that he lives across the street. He is an unorthodox detective. He interrogate the victim in his home serving tea so they don’t stress too much as he says. He has a new partner coming in. He is also divorced and has one 15 years old daughter he share custody with his wife. He drives a 504 Peugeot super sport 1984. And as he says his training is to watch series like Starchy and Hutch, Kojack etc…..

Here is a series with humor light heated fun to watch. It is on Netflix in Europe. Here is a new partner coming in and Cherif is trying to break the ice but Adeline Briard (Carole Leblanc) won’t have it well not yet anyway. His daughter is getting him a hard time and it is not easy to raise a kid when you are a cop. The thing is with that series it is shot in Lyon and I get to see the city from time to time. Basically it is you typical series solving crime but it is done with humor on the light side. A show that all the family can watch. Adeline has a closet in her skeleton and Cherif is trying to warm up to her. The first season is just what the doctor ordered. What I like about this that you see in Cherif’s office you will see a poster of the film Shaft. He is a big fan of the cop American series as well as American police thrillers.




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