ACCUSÉ (2015- )


Creator: Laurent Vivier 

Cast: Clémentine Célarié, Hélène de Fougerolles, Lorànt Deutsch

Here is a series that has been copied from the British like I said they copy each other that is worth the look. Each episode is a citizen accused to commit a crime. In a form of flashback we are able to see how he got accused and seat on the accused bench in court.

Here is a series that is like a court series but instead to be like Law and order you see the accused on the bench then you look at his life back before he got accused until he seat on the bench awaiting the verdict from the judge. It comes in 6 episodes :

  1. The story of Hellene: where her son got murdered and she is trying to find her murderer so she can be at peace with her.
  2. The story of Laurent. After his wife motorcycle accident who left her paralyzed, Lauret has a affair with her therapist.
  3. The story of Martin. Learning of an attack of a young girl, A father suspect his own son.
  4. The story of Sophie. a complex divorce begins.
  5. The story of Simon: After witnesses an attack on a woman and cable to intervene, he falls in love with her.
  6. The story of Claire. She discovers the man she is been chatting online is her student and is falling in love with her.

Here is the six story that you will discover. It is court drama done a little differently.

ACCUSÉ (2015-   )

ACCUSÉ (2015-   )




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