une chance de trop

Creator: Harlan Coben (Novel) 

Cast: Alexandra Lamy, Pascal Elbé, Lionel Abelanski

Here is a terrific mini-series form the novel of Harlan Coben who said at one time it is better to do the mini-series than a movie like that you do not have to take out some stuff from the book. Thus is not the first time he sold the right of one of his book Guillaume Canet directed don’t tell anyone that one was done in a form of a movie. Plus in No second chances the main character is a man but there they revered it and made a woman.

Alice Lambert,(Alexandra Lamy) shot and wounded, learned that her husband was killed and her 6 month old baby, Tara, has disappeared. While the kidnappers ask for ransom , Alice asks for help to her in-laws and her friend the lawyer Louis Berthel (Lionel Abelanski).

Here is a nice series where a woman who got shot and woke up in a coma after a week is finding out that her husband is dead and her six-year-old baby gone. The police suspect her from the start and mess up the investigation instead of looking somewhere else. There is twist and turns in this series and every time you think you guessed it well surprise. Alice here who is an everyday woman will stop at nothing to get her child back. She will get involved of doing things behind the police’s back. Either party is frustrated about each other and can’t work with each other. A terrific role for Alexandra Lamy, an emotional role not easy to do of a desperate mother trying to find her child at any cost. also an old flame comes back in her life to help her out. A nice series where every turn is a twist waiting to happen.


une chance de trop


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