disparue 2015

Creator: Charlotte Brandström

Cast: François-Xavier Demaison, Pierre-François Martin-Laval, Alix Poisson 

Leah Morel, 17, disappeared the evening of the Music Festival in Lyon. Her family is distraught Julien father sets out to find her while the mother Florence tries to hold on.  Thomas  her brother did not escort her like her mother asked of him. The commander Molina,  who just arrived in the city,well he got transfer to Lyon,  is responsible for finding the girl. He will discover that the investigation is going to be difficult than expected and discover that every family has secrets.

Here is a terrific mini-series that is well written and well acted, even the dialogue stand out. This mini-series is inspired of a Spanish series as well as the American series Without a Trace and Broadchurch. Here is a young girl who leaves to go with her friends at the music festival in Lyon. Her brother supposes to meet her in the morning to escort her home after all a young seventeen year old along in the city at the early hour of the morning any thing could happen but he didn’t , well a teenager is a teenager and wants their privacy plus they want to be on their own. The mother is in mode of panic almost and calls her cell phone numerous time. It is about the Morel family the two brother has a restaurant in Lyon. One of them is a widow he lost his wife now what he has left is his daughter. Molina the detective is transferred to Lyon, he is just settle in when the case is drop on his lap. He has an angry father who is looking for his daughter and does not think that the police is doing enough. on the other hand the mother is trying to old on and blaming her son for not meeting her later. Of course there is twist and turn and one of the parents will go to the extreme to get his daughter back. Secrets are surfacing and the police is frustrated as well in the family. Well casted, and well acted here also the director has brought to the table a lot of realism into it.

There is 8 episodes and all of them are directed by Charlotte Brandström. The cinematography is outstanding plus I was able to see the city of Lyon which I am going to visit soon.


Disparue 2015


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