RIVER (2015 – )

river 2015

Creator: Abi Morgan

Cast: Stellan Skarsgård, Nicola Walker, Lesley Manville

The main character is John River, a Detective Inspector with the Police working in the East End of London. He is a genuinely complicated man, and he has a Swedish background, but he has obvious mental health issues he fights to control. He is a man who is a genius at his job but he is haunted my the murder of his partner.

Here is a detective who is a genius and is struggling with the fact that is partner is dead. Plus he hear and see people he shouldn’t, to top it all off is is seeing by the Police shrink who tries to help him with his struggle. I am not going to reveal much for those who has not seen the series. River is paired up with a new partner who is trying to understand him and does not know where he comes from. The music has some classic disco which triggers some fond memories of the 70’s. It is raw at its purest form to my knowledge it has not been told like this. It is an other series from Netflix that is kicking ass.




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