MANHATTAN (2014 – )


Creator: Sam Shaw

Cast: Rachel Brosnahan, Michael Chernus, Christopher Denham

The Manhattan Project, America’s race to develop an atomic bomb during World War II, is surely one of the strangest chapters in American history. It is the race against the clock to to build an atomic bomb. They gathered the brightest mind in the country in the desert into a little town that the military build so their families could leave there. Security is tight well you know why, they have to keep things secret.

Okay so here is a series that is interesting to watch. They put their family in this artificial city with the brightest mind to build an Atomic bomb before anyone else. It is inspired loosely on real facts. There is history fact here but also they added fiction to make it interesting I suppose. Also real characters has made their entrance like Oppenheimer , Neils Bohr and Einstein has make brief appearances. Yes there is the jargon  of the physics and mathematics behind the atomic bomb and sometimes it can get boring but you are glued to the TV of this additive show. Then Bomb was created and scientist thought they could contribute to end the war. little did they know the impact of it. There is two stories here the one of the scientist trying to figure out to build the bomb and their family who is trying to fight boredom. They are teams of scientist who want to have their team to be the first to figure out this equation own this deadly A-Bomb. It never gets boring watching it as I thought It would be but interesting enough in wanting to see the next episode. Here is a terrific historic series that is worth watching.





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