OCCUPIED (2015 – )


Creators: Karianne Lund, Jo Nesbø, Erik Skjoldbjærg

Cast: Henrik Mestad, Eldar Skar, Ane Dahl Torp

In the near future, Jesper Berg, the new Prime Minister of Norway, announces that it has decided to honor an election promise by stopping the extraction of oil in the North Sea, the country can now meet its energy needs by thorium nuclear plants. The European Union very dependent on North Sea oil, reacted to this announcement by asking Russia, the USA has left NATO to intervene in Norway to ensure, by all means, the resumption of exploitation of oil platforms.

Here is a series from Norway and I do love those Norwegian series especially their thriller. Even Denmark makes great thriller series and movies. So I decided to take a look at this one and I like it .Occupied is, of course, a purely fictional series. But the Ukrainian conflict which broke out when at the turn of the wheel seems to have given it a realistic touch. The writers must of said to themselves what if? The script who is well written has a constant dramatic progression which builds up the tension into a pressure cooker. Conflict between nations, Occupied focuses on reactions to events of several characters: the Prime Minister, his bodyguard, the ambassador of Russia, a journalist and his wife operates a restaurant the interior minister should they deal in preserving some freedom, or should they resist and is it going to open doors for some other group to make things worst? Here is a series that you should get into at the end of the season one it is open for another season but no word yet. I think I heard a rumor that they will be a second season.




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