RAWHIDE (1959 – 1965)











Casts : Clint Eastwood, Paul Brinegar and Steve Raines.

Rawhide was pretty big back in the day and while it might be easy to dismiss it five decades since it was originally started showing on CBS in 1959, the show lasted eight seasons and remembered to this day – and for good reason. Rawhide was a great show and it holds up well. One of those rare breed network shows to combine genuinely interesting and believable characters, exciting adventure, romance, action and suspense in a timeless setting: the old west.


Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) is a trail boss responsible for leading his group of cowboys from Texas to the northern states where they’re to drop off their herd. Gil is his right hand man, Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood), a tough guy (Yes you read right Clint Eastwood has gotten his start with the fine series), along with their crew, Gil and Rowdy encounter all manner of situations as their journey expands, from native indians, thieves, bandits, cons, along with friendships, romance and camaraderie. there were a few well more than a few guest appearances from Leslie Nielsen to Lon Chaney Jr. to Dick Van Patten to DeForest Kelly, among others! Supporting Clint and Eric Fleming, who is also excellent in his lead role, are Sheb Wooley as Pete Nolan, Paul Brinegar as Wishbone, Steve Raines as Jim Quince, Rocky Shahan as Joe Scarlett and James Murdock as Mushy Mushgrove. Some of you might be too young to know who they were or are but if you get a old of this series I strongly recommend it.



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