ATELIER (2015 – )


Cast: Mao Daichi, Mayuko Kawakita, Mirei Kiritan

English title: Underwear. 

Here is a smart series from Netflix but shot in japan. A young country girl just out of school goes to work in the big city. The store is a high-end custom lingerie shop. There there are wealthy customers who frequent the shop. It is a high-hand shop where every thing is made by hand, well they make lingerie. The obsessed and perfectionist owner, the assistant designers, the business manager, etc. The new girl who seems to know her fabric is trying to find her place in the shop. She is suppose to learn the business, not easy with an over obsessive boss who is a perfectionist.


At first they ask her to make coffee and do errands around the office, but the new girl Mayuko Tokitois (Mirei Kiritani) wants to learn and work. The Atelier has a front room it is the show room, then there is the atelier (work shop) where the employee works and makes by hand the lingerie. Again there is double door where the boos is Mayumi Nanjo. When the staff talks about her, she’s called The Boss. Tokitois has a hard time to please the boss which the boss is hard on her. Here is a terrific series produced by Netflix with subtitles. It show you the world of an Atelier and their employees and yes at time there are funny moments. It is like the film the Devil wear Prada but in a lingerie shop here and in Japan.



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