the originals

Created by Julie Plec

Cast: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt

First it is a spin-off from the vampire diaries and that does not guarantee a success for the Originals. But somehow it did here.The Original vampire / werewolf hybrid Klaus ends up in the French Quarter of New Orleans, having left the comfortable familiarity of Mystic Falls. He comes to find that his former protege Marcus rules the city that Klaus. Marcus rules as tough as they some , having kicked out the werewolves and blocked witches from using their magic with a secret weapon of his own. Marcel’s rule becomes a problem when Klaus discovers that werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), another former cast member of The Vampire Diaries, is pregnant with his baby.. It becomes an alliance as Marcel and Klaus battle for control of New Orleans, catching humans, vampires and witches in the struggle.

Here is a perfect watchable series. You have Klaus who is the nasty, misunderstood villain with a temperament, his brother Elijah is the smooth, polished polar opposite. Daniel Gillies adds a touch of class to the show as Elijah, the well dressed vampire holding the first vampire family together. Rebekah is the baby sister of the family and Klaus protects her to death, often leading to huge conflicts between them which threaten to ruin all of his  plans. Hayley  becomes fully fleshed out as Klaus’s baby’s mother.The pregnancy storyline adds more to the series  helping to make Klaus a more developed character. The first season kick ass here and it is addictive as hell.




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