THE UNTOUCHABLE (1959 -1963)

The untouchables

Cast: Robert Stack, Walter Winchell, Nicholas Georgiade

The pilot was made for theatrical release as The Scarface MobWe all know by now that has something to do with Capone. The series is based on a true story the one of Elliot Ness who was after  Al Capone during the prohibition days.Ness remains a presence in each episodes. The Untouchables more than just an action show. At their best, they add the complex characterization that will make a  film noir fan want to watch this show. Even when the story’s not as compelling, there’s always a strong performance by someone like William Bendix. There is a life and death tension throughout the show, plus it is film like a film noir here, of course the men with the suits and hats, guns, and cigarettes smoking plus the stories makes the series a jewel.

Robert Stack’s Ness is a character who’s always interesting if not always likable. He has a temper. It comes with his frustration that a witness will not testify or he is close to catch the bad guy so he takes in out on something or someone. Yes Ness lives in a violent world that was then at the time of prohibition where the mob bank in the counterfeit of alcohol and other things. Do not miss this one if you are a fan of film noir you will definitely be a fan of this series.

the untouchable-2

the untouchables-3


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