Cast: Alexander Skarsgård, James Ransone, Lee Tergesen

Generation Kill, a seven-part mini-series. The series was based on Wright’s book, which chronicled his time embedded with the First Reconnaissance Battalion of the United States Marine Corp during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

In this mini-series there are no introduction to the characters none no background actually we know very little about them. We get right to it, right in the Iraqi war back in 2003. Wright I believe is a writer for the rolling stone and got on the front line with a group pf soldiers. Wright himself is a character in the show and once the marines meet him he gets sneer by them until he mention that he wrote for Hustler previously. Now the group in all ear and wright has respect from the soldiers. The Battalion’s Bravo Company is preparing  for the invasion of the country and finally to their daily patrols in Baghdad. They express themselves with dead honesty. Although they express their frustration with the bureaucracy of the military. And yes there is a lot of dialogue some combat as you can see that the soldier are eager to go to war and want to see some action as soon as possible. It is a all star cast here. They get lucky in not getting too many casualties. There you have it a raw and honest feel to the war in Iraq in 2003. An other great HBO mini-series.

generation kill-2



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