P'tit quinquin

Creator: Bruno Dumont

Cast: Alane Delhaye, Lucy Caron, Bernard Pruvost

Set in a small town on the Northern French coast in a few short days around Bastille Day, P’tit Quinquin is the latest TV drama, comedy à la Twin Peaks from Dumont to open with the discovery of a body. Here, the corpse is found stuffed inside a dead cow. Leading the investigation is Captain Van Der Weyden (Bernard Pruvost), aided by his oft-puzzled partner Carpentier (Philippe Jore). It’s not long before a second corpse turns up in similar circumstances, and the bodies quickly begin to pile up. Meanwhile, the title character (Alane Delhaye) is a mischievous off beat kid  who roams the town with his girlfriend Eve (Lucy Caron) and his off beat  young mates. There are a bunch of homophobes and bigots. Quinquin looks like (when he is going to grow up) a deviant serial killer but he seems like a nice boy.

For the most part here it is a black comedy off beat and crazy at times, and you can tell right away that it is the work of Dumont who is such a genius. Dumont seems to use actors that are not professional actors, I think he sees the face of a dude in the street that looks a little bizarre and tells him if he would like to make a film or series for the most part that is what he does.This is director Bruno Dumont’s satirical vision of France. Keep in mind it is a off beat comedy that is on steroid. You see Davis leach has influence a lot of directors in his life time. At times it was going on my nerves a little bit but you have to give it time. Some of you might not like it at all. the series is an irresistibly funny accretion of quirky characters and bizarre details – the unpriestly behaviour of the priests at a funeral; The two off beat and bizarre cops etc…. The series is a little compulsive at times. Of course I come to find out that is going to be a Hollywood remake. No thank you. I love this one just fine. I am getting tired of remake.


P'tit quinquin-2


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