THE DRIVER (2014- )


Cast: David Morrissey, Claudie Blakley, Ian Hart

Vince (David Morrissey) , an ordinary cabdriver who, at the urging of a friend who is an ex-con, takes a job driving for a crime lord known as the Horse (Colm Meaney). The friend (Ian Hart) who recruited him makes it sound as if the job were practically the same as being a cabby. But is he in for  a surprise.

Vince is reluctant at first. But he takes the job because he needs the money. Little did he know how is family life is going to change for ever. You know where the story goes from here  it has been  done over and over. He also finds out that the lies he has told but can’t keep track of them and sooner or later it will catch up to them. It is done in a film style Neo-noir here that works well. It has 4 episodes I am waiting for the second season if there is one but they are going to have to do better then that. The British has done well with series especially with police thriller series. But this one needs a little work if it wants to survive.




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