SEX AND THE CITY (1998 – 2004)


Creator: Darren Star

Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis

Four female New Yorkers who are great friends gossip about their sex-lives (or lack thereof) and find new ways to deal with being a woman in the 90s.

Here is an other great show from HBO. About 4 women who lives in New York who like other women are trying to jungle work, social life, and private life as well as they want some day to get married and have kids. And yes ladies and gentlemen it is not that easy to jungle that in New York. It is all in their casual sex, smoking, drinking, flirting, etc……

One of the hardest things for a continuing television series to accomplish is a feeling of growth, of a real-life cycle for its characters. Well I think that Sex and the city has done just that  is a matter a fact they nailed it. Girls of New York four of them that are friends have their own lives, jobs boyfriend or boyfriends. And yes there is the sex talk. After all the show’s title is Sex and the city. It is about 4 women and dating/having sex in New York. The storylines, actors, writers and directors are nothing short of brilliant. Luckily the show has found its place. The thing is those 4 women who is trying to make it in New York and trying to get married before the biological clock stop ticking. In New York is not an easy thing to do someone told me. Here are 4 successful women who are trying to find love not only that it is about fashion and what people thinks about you. It is an intelligent show about women in New York. Yes there will meet along the way superficial people as well as airheads, stupid one, asshole, sophisticated one, etc……The show is funny as hell at times and touches on everyday issues. If you have not seen it yet I will strongly recommend it.

sex and the city



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