MARCELLA (2016 – )


Cast: Anna Friel, Ray Panthaki, Nina Sosanya

Marcella is a Detective Sergeant who worked on the unsolved case of a serial killer before taking a ten-year hiatus to raise a family. But all that she get a divorce from her husband, So she return to be a detective to find a murder case a little too familiar to her.

Here is a great series from Britain and let me tell you that the British has mastered the investigation police drama after River here is the one to watch, although this one has 8 episode. She happens to be extremely  intelligence, accurate intuition, and  great a memory. But when she get into a blind rage, she does not recall what happen well like killing people. You are watching Marcella trying to solve the murder that she might or might not have committed. Marcella’s personality and her back story as the investigation unfolds and her personal life and professional problems become ever more tangled. Anna Friel gives Marcella a face that is entirely transparent. Although we are left with unanswered questions which is good I do not want them to reveal too much or I think it will kill the series. Of course there are some twist here and there. Marcella is a stalker detective who gets extremely violent and has blackouts. The series has an intriguing cast and it focuses on Marcella. The first season she is dealing with her break up, the kids, the investigation and the blackouts that she is having and that is a lot to deal with for a detective but Marcella seems to be doing fine in trying to find solutions to her problems. Looking forward for the second season. And yes it is on Netflix.






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