KNIGHT RIDER (1980 -1986)

knight rider

Creator: Glen A. Larson

Cast: David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Richard Basehart

The Foundation brings Michael back from the brink of death, and uses mysterious and advanced surgery techniques to give him an entirely new face. When the bandages finally come off, he’s played by David Hasselhoff and assumes the new identity of Michael Knight. Wilton Knight is an old man who has been secretly constructing the ultimate machine  in law enforcement, a super-car in the lab he had set up in his garage.Wilton passes on to the next life due to an illness and Michael take on the project.Michael then goes on fighting crime.

Here is the car that steals the show. Yes a car who talks, drive itself and even catch the bad guys. Its names is K.I.T.T. Hasselhoff  has talked about how important it was to him to mix lighter moments of comedy in with action in order for the show to work, and it’s K.I.T.T. But K.I.T.T. is more than just a one note punch-line. It is not far fetch because google has a car that drives itself before you know it will talk to you I think they are working on that, well they are working on artificial intelligence for a car. The car is a back Trans Ams. Keeping K.I.T.T. in top shape while in for frequent tune ups is Bonnie Barstow. Anyway I kind of like this show at the time and I am going to see it again soon it will bring back memories.

Knight rider 2



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