GIRLS (2012 – )


Creator: Lena Dunham

Cast: Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke

Dunham plays recent college graduate Hannah, who has an unpaid internship at a publishing house and is trying to finish a book of essays. She is told by her college professor parents that they’ve supported her long enough and are cutting her off. She tries asking for a salary from the book company, only to find out how little she’s really worth.  She is now unemployed. Various job interviews go nowhere, including a promising meeting that crashes and burns when she makes a joke about date rape to the man interviewing her.

From there on it is becoming more real life-like. Hannah  has a best friend Marnie (Allison Williams), in a long-standing, uninspiring relationship with Charlie (Christopher Abbott), British jet-setter-in-training Jessa (Jemima Kirke) and almost annoyingly sunny Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet). She also hooks up with her sort-of boyfriend, acting hopeful Adam (Adam Driver), who’s more interested in physical connections than the emotional one. It looks like to me like well almost like the other series Sex in the city but there it is about 20 something girls who wants to take on the world and make something of themselves trying to figure what life wants from them all that in New York plus struggling truing to stay afloat. There is much more provocative and close to real life. Yes there is sex, boyfriends, whatever girls go through in their 20’s and even has humor. it has the creative guts to realign it for a new century and a new generation.



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