EN IMMERSION (2015 – )


Creator: Philippe Haïm

Cast: Patrick Ridremont, Olivier Chantreau, Emmanuelle Meyssignac

English title: Deep

diagnose of  a degenerative neurological disease, Michel Ferrero who is a cop, learns he has only six months to live. Suspended for hitting a colleague, he decided to risk it all out by infiltrating a Parisian network of distribution of hard drugs. His motivation is further enhanced when his 17-year-old daughter, Clara, was hospitalized after an overdose.

Here is a great series of only 3 episode of 45 minutes. Do not confuse this one with the one by the BBC called In Deep (2001 – 2003). Here Haïm who is the creator, writer, director and even compose the music for it. This series is a series noir, very noir it is shot in black and white with some impressive diving camera work, some in slow motion, some not. Immersion adds a neat and  tightly structured script and an editing which links sequences smoothly. Surrealism calls repeatedly with hallucinations that grips Michel Ferrero. a great casting to top it all off with Patrick Ridremont dans le rôle principal, Emmanuelle Meyssignac, Olivier Chantreau  et Pénélope-Rose Lévêque. Do not miss this one it is on Netflix.

en immersion


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