MR. ROBOT (2015 – )


Creator: Sam Esmail

Cast: Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Portia Doubleday 

The lonely, alienated computer whiz is the hero and his solitary battle against, among other things, corporate greed and corruption is at the core of the show. (He also hates debt of all kinds — credit card, third world and college.) By day, Elliot works as a programmer at a cybersecurity company whose major client is E Corp; it’s a job that he found through a childhood friend, Angela (Portia Doubleday). Elliot has a thing for Angela, but she has a handsome, normal boyfriend, Ollie (Ben Rappaport), who’s favorite line is  “I don’t need this kind of negativity in my life.” In his off hours, Elliot has some hobbies, like  hacking into and searching the emails and caches of strangers and even his friends. He meets this guy a self proclaimed hacker who has a plan to hack and make the big corporations well all businesses drop to their knees into a financial melt down a self proclaim anarchist hackers (led by Christian Slater) who want to recruit Elliot to their cause.


You see Elliot coulee crazy and at the same time could be the saner dude in the room. Mr. Robot is either a gripping high-tech thriller or a gripping psychological drama. The brilliant thing is you are not quite sure. Elliot here has this problem with morphine although he uses it in low dosage. Like every hackers paranoia plays a big role here, he thinks he is follows and he si careful enough to leave no trace when he hacks but then again. We spent a good portion of the show in his head. The show has a dark social complex commentary hidden into a rich layer of high tech mambo jumbo. Do not miss this one. Here in France we are going to get to see the second season already which is unusual and that is fine with me.



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