THE AFFAIR (2014 – )


Creators: Hagai Levi, Sarah Treem

Cast: Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney

Noah Solloway (Dominic West) is a public school teacher, happily married to his college sweetheart Helen (Maura Tierney). Every year, they and their 4 children leave their suburban New York home to spend the summer in Long Island with Helen’s rich parents. They stop at a local diner, where Alison Bailey (Ruth Wilson) has been a waitress since she finished school. She is married to Cole (Joshua Jackson), who is from a local and owned a family ranch. Something clicks between Noah and Alison, although their recollection differs in interesting ways.

Those recollection are a bunch of flashback as they are interviewed by a detective and here is the part I like you do not know why yet. These recollection are different first you will have Noah’s and then Allison’s. As the story goes on you will know a little more. Here is what I like the story takes turn and an other it will never cease to amaze you. It is extremely well written as well as acted. The theme is about the affair and human relationship, family issues and particularly marriage on a deep level. Characters that are deeply flawed and you are uncomfortable watching them. Ruth Wilson won the Golden Globe for Best Actress and the series has won for best series. There you have it if you are not watching this yet get on the band wagon.



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