BLINDSPOT (2015 – )


Creator: Martin Gero

Cast: Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Rob Brown

A woman wakes in a duffel bag in the middle of time square New York, and she is cover with tattoos to top it all off she does not remember her name or where she came from.

Here is a scene that is an attention getter, it’s a variation on a puzzle series, where the plot are with clues that  slowly unveiled, but what a variation. This puzzle is etched on a human being as a form of tattoos. Jane Doe, a woman who has been tattooed from head to toe and whose memory has been chemically obliterated. Jaimie Alexander who plays jane who is this vulnerable who man who can kick some serious ass. Weller and the rest of the investigative team at the FBI soon realize that the tattoos are instruction or clues. Here is a series that does not pull punches it has action, and mysteries and as the series advances it begins to unravel more about jane.The real question with any solve-the-puzzle series is whether there is going to be a rewarding payoff at some point or whether the show is just going to be a series of clues that lead only to more clues. “One thing’s for sure,” Weller says. “Someone likes playing games, and this is just the beginning.”You will have to watch it like the rest of us to find out more about it.




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