MAD DOGS (2011 – 2013)


Creator: Cris Cole

Cast: Max Beesley, John Simm, Marc Warren

Four friends, Woody (Max Beesley), Quinn (Philip Glenister) , Baxter ( John Simm), and Rick (Marc Warren) arrive in Majorca (is the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago, which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean) to visit their old mate Alvo (Ben Chaplin) , who is now a wealthy property tycoon enjoying the fruit of his labor.

This is the British series I know that the American has remade it but I am not going to see it. I saw it once plus they are going to change a few things in it as they always do. I prefer to see the original. Here is a bunch of friends who are invited to this Alvo’s mansion. It seems that Alvo here has done well for himself. Each of his friends that he has not seen in a long time has their own problem and looking at Alvo they think he has everything and want a part of that. Also invites them to eat on him as well as at the disco to live it up a bit. But as they come back from partying things are getting darker like murder. What are they going to do?


This series is moving along like a slow burning cooker that is ready to explode which is a good thing you can feel the sun through your screen. The tension between the character is going to grow. Yelling adding to confusion and what are they going to do next is not going to be an easy task here to top it all off. It is shot in they beautiful location. What I like about British series is that it is character driven and they are doing well here. But the thing is that the US has made the remake. They always copy on each other instead of rewriting the story into something different. The actors here are on the top of their games no doubt even the chemistry is there. over all once you watch an episode you will be hooked and want more.




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