THE EXPANSE (2015 – )


Creator : Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby

Cast: Nick E. Tarabay, Thomas Jane, Steven Strait

A couple of hundred years into the future, humanity is spread out throughout the solar system and divided into 3 opposing forces who are on the brink of an all out war for political power and resources well like water and such which is harvested in the form of asteroid ice. The 3 fractions consist of the two superpowers Earth and Mars; the third-party are the “belters”, which is basically everyone unfortunate enough to be living on poor planet well they are the bottom of the barrel. Many belters are  represented by the “Outer Planets Alliance” which  is a radical group demanding more autonomy and fairer distribution of resources for the inhabitants of the asteroid belt, but are considered terrorist. The belters are miss treated and are given ration of water and food to survive.

Here it is series from Sci-fi that is kicking some ass for the Sci-fi fans it is from a book from by James S. A. Corey . There are here three different protagonists: a high-ranking U.N. official on Earth named Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo); a  belter police detective named Miller (Thomas Jane) whose story starts on Ceres; and a young executive officer named Holden (Steven Strait) working on an ice freighter in space.There is Three stories that are connected to each other . In terms of special effect it is perfect as far as I can tell it feels like a Neo-Noir Sci-fi here well worth the effort of watching it. It is well paced with some talented actors the fits in to this thrilling, mysterious tale of adventure and discovery.





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