THE OA (2016 – )


Creators: Zal Batmanglij, Brit Marling

Cast: Emory Cohen, Scott Wilson, Alice Krige

The OA centers around a woman we’re introduced to as she jumps off a bridge. The woman (Brit Marling), who initially refers to herself only as The OA, is  to be Prairie Johnson, who went missing almost 8 years ago. She has strange scars on her back, doesn’t want to talk to anyone, and isn’t blind anymore. As she tries to readjust to life, she enlists some neighborhood kids, and one teacher, to listen to her story over the course of several nights and theoretically help her… with something.

Here is surprisedly  the new big thing on Netflix. It is this brilliant series, mystery like that is going to be addictive. It has the same feel like the other Netflix series Stranger things even the intensity of it. Amazingly as you watch the episodes you want to see the other immediately. The acting is and even the cast is perfect here.The OA is far from formulaic. With the first season only containing eight episodes you will most likely turn off your Netflix device feeling that you watched sixteen episodes. You have to pay attention here there is information that you can not miss or other wise you are not going to understand what is going on. There will be a lot of question after you watched the first episode. It looks  like Netflix is reinventing television. Wait until the last 15 minutes of the last episode. I can’t wait until next season.




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