BALCK LAGOON (2006 – )

black lagoon

Cast Megumi Toyoguchi, Daisuke Namikawa, Maryke Hendrikse

A Japanese businessman, captured by modern-day pirates, is written off and left for dead by his company. Pissed off and tired of the corporate world he sicks with the pirates that kidnap him to become one of them.

Here is definitely an animation  that is filled with action and explosions. there are plenty of gun action in this one. Plus boat chase, scuba diving, more gun action. The pirates here are the cool under dog here big time. Revi here is the girl in this gang who loves guns and action, Rock on the other hand is being kidnap and is a little  mellow and start up to warm up to Revi who does not want to do anything with him. And yes they even have the guy who stays in the back and takes care of the computers and such. Plenty of action in this one but I ma told that the company that made this series stop selling it over seas. So there is only 2 season so far of 12 episodes. Well I am going to have fun with this one anyway.

black lagoon 2

black lagoon 3

ARCHER (2009 – )


Creator: Adam Reed

Cast: H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Amber Nash

Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) only wants to save the day but at the end of the day he wants a gin and tonic and a naked woman in bed when he gets home. For me it will be tequila sunrise and 2 naked women in bed waiting for me when I get home. But the reality is …… He is a ISIS secret agent (International Secret Intelligence Service ). the others characters are: Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler), who still hates Archer for that time he used a candy bar wrapper as a condom on her, (note to self do not do that) A Mallory Archer (Jessica Walter), Sterling’s overbearing mother who thinks nothing of draining the money from her employees’ 401(k)s to use as collateral to get back one of her sex tapes made with the head of the KGB. No wonder that his son is a Bobo, and has issues of abandonment.

So I didn’t want to see that series but when I got on Netflix it was there so I decided to take a look. This is hilarious as hell usually I am not crazy about animation but this one is really cool. It is the adventure of Archer, yes it has the stereotype and clichés of a spy movie but it is addictive as hell. Give a try and by the end of the seasons you will go oh yeah! Archer has a lot of enemy of the top of that he has to deal with his mother who is eccentric as hell and she is always looking at his expense report and yes she does not like what she sees. Archer says that there is a mole and that he didn’t spend all that money but in reality he exposes the real mole. Archer is fast paced and not for everyone.




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