THE TUDORS (2007 – 2010)

the tudors-3

Creators: Michael Hirst

Cast: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Henry Cavill, Anthony Brophy

The series tells in a fictional and loosely adapted the story of the life of Henry VIII, his reign and his successive marriages.

Nice one there I do add myself. It is a great series who told the story their way in a fictionalized manner and it might piss off some historian but is it is entertaining as hell. By documenting the early years of his reign, The Tudor is able to catch Henry who at 18 was in power. Everyone knows about the fat, bearded, dangerously misogynistic Henry, but in his youthful years he was not only more physically agile and sexually adventurous so they tell us here  but also a bit more forward thinking. Of course, a lot of events didn’t go his way, and his anger would soon rise to cause woe. The Tudors doesn’t shy away from telling the story. Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, became King Henry VII at age 28 after defeating Richard III and later marrying Elizabeth of York. His rise was complicated and bloody, but his reign led to peace, and he eventually started the transition to his oldest son, Prince Arthur. Nice costume as authentic has it is going to get. The actors stand out in this series as well a job well done. Fun to watch although it does not shy away from the nudity or anything else.

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the tudors


HEARTLAND (2007 – )

Heartland (II) (2007– )

Cast: Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle

The series is based on the Heartland book series by Lauren Brooke. The TV series changes the setting from Virginia, USA (in the original novels) to the Alberta Rockies in Alberta, Canada; Heartland is about sisters Amy and Lou Fleming and their grandfather Jack Bartlett through the upside down of life on a horse ranch in cattle country.  Amy and Lou’s mother was killed in a car accident, they continue to keep their mother’s dream alive by healing abused and neglected horses through their family business. Amy (Amber Marshall) faces struggles but she gets through it. It is the struggle of the everyday life on the ranch and the bank who are closing in on the property.

I must say if you want some family drama you got one there and let me tell you I got hooked on the first episode. A terrific well written, acted, the cinematography is beautiful as well as the horses. I do not know the US did do it in the series after all it is a series of books from an American writer. Oh well like this I get to see Canada where I want to reside some day how it is beautiful and fresh. You see Amy inherited her mother’s gift of being able to intuit the needs of horses and of practicing natural horsemanship. She has inherited the gift of her mother. Lou has been living in New York she is Amy’s sister she comes back for the funeral. Now the mother has hired a helping hand around the ranch to help her grandfather. Ty is name, he has room and board at the ranch. Ty becomes best friends with Amy. The bank wants their money of course nothing new there but the mother let the bills run out the horses were more important. Lou tries to convince the bank to reconsider and gives a business plan to one of the bankers who went to high school together. It is a constant battle with the bank and trying to get business running to make a profit. Plus the bank wants him to sell. Why? Well you have going to have to watch the series. Yes it is really good and you won’t get bored.