IL MIRACOLO (2018 – )

il mirocolo

Creator: Niccolò Ammaniti

Cast: Guido Caprino, Elena Lietti, Lorenza Indovina

English title: The miracle

During the incursion in a mob boss’ hideout the police finds out a statue of the virgin Mary weeping Blood. A team of scientific investigate in secret. General Votta (Sergio Albelli) calls then the prime minister Fabrizio Pietromarchi (Guido Caprino) who is in a middle of a crisis in public and in his private life. If this gets out what will happen? Are people going to go nuts about this?

Ok then here is a subject that is not talk about too much but here Ammaniti created an environment of faith and the miracle. It is a question of your faith here and do you believe in miracle? Political men, priest, criminal all sort of people are going to know the existence of this statue. A priest who seeks hooker to relieve himself plus gamble among other sins is call by the prime minister to see what he makes of it but he can’t tell nobody. the second story is the one with the prime minister and his family with the weird babysitter and his wife and kids where they are having some kind of crisis. The third story is about this boy who has autism comes back with a dead girl who is his friend but everyone thinks he killed her but do not have no proof. The 4th story is the dying mother of this woman who works with the scientific group on why the statue weeps blood 9 liters per hour. It is the lives of those people in the space of 8 days in 8 episodes. A terrific series which is going to question your faith with some complex character.

le miracle

il miracolo



Cast: Alessandro Borghi, Giacomo Ferrara, Eduardo Valdarnini

A Netflix series. There are TV series that start at a high level and keep up the level from start to finish. They are small miracles that spring up to the top, at the highest levels of serial production. But they are rare cases. More often there are highs and lows, between pilot episodes that shoot all the cartridges and remain without anything to say then, you have the series that grow and they keep it interesting . These are the ones that have balls and confidence. When you see the first episode , the first scenes  you go damn they control the situation right off the bat. It is the case with Suburra, whose first episode, directed by Michele Placido as the second, goes a step away from the disaster but it saves showing right away those that will then be the best and central aspects of the series inspired by Stefano Sollima’s film, of which Netflix production is a kind of prequel. Nice move.

It is about the gypsies and the mob that fights for the land which politics is going to be into play. The story of tow clan who youngsters want to take over and make their marks. Two will be friend and form an unlikely relationship. The series focusing on the relationship between state, church and crime. In fact, the religious institution is present in a very small, in-depth manner, and politics becomes less important, leaving room for everything else, and that is fine because the rest is a story of criminal families  is told by a very good cast. It is very addictive and when the first season is over you will want more. Season 2 please.




GOMORRA (2014 – ) SEASON 2

gomorra 2

Creators: Stefano Bises, Leonardo Fasoli, Roberto Saviano

Cast: Marco D’Amore, Fortunato Cerlino, Salvatore Esposito

Here is the second season of Gomorra the season that has a feel like the sopranos combine with the wire a little bit anyway. The second season start where the first left off. But this time Genny Savastano (Salvatore Esposito) who escape injuries and is somewhere in south America making sure that the production of the drugs is the best that is ever been. However his father is in jail. His mother tries to run things back home. In the means time Ciro di Marzio (Marco D’Amore) is obsessed with being the godfather of the clan and yes it is going to cost him. He will stop at nothing to get there. 


The second season step it up and it is who con who , who gets killed and  yes it is a cut throat business. violence is shocking only in its brutality, because some of it is not predictable and will hit you in the face. the  cool moments in season two take place between Gennaro and the withdrawn Don Pietro. it is going tot be old school vs new school ( the young one) who is going to be left standing? Gomorrah’s straightforward cinematic style allows its Neapolitan style that  grows and envelop the gangsters that move through it. do not miss this one. I watch all 12 episodes in 3 days.


NON UCCIDERE (2015 – )


Creator: Claudio Corbucci

Cast: Miriam Leone, Matteo Martari, Thomas Trabacchi

Inspector Valeria Ferro ( Miriam Leone) works at the PJ in Turin. stubborn , beautiful and tough, she is assisted by Andrea Russo (Matteo Martari), veteran Gerardo Mattei and new recruit Luca Rinaldi (Luca Terracciano) under the direction of Giorgio Lombardi ( Thomas Trabacchi). As her investigations progress, we also discover the difficult past of the investigator.

The series is also known under the name of Squadra Criminale. It is a terrific Italian series where Valeria Ferro is this tough detective who wants to solve the case as family as possible even check out all the possibilities before closing the case but every time she does an investigation her boss tells her to close it quickly or go easy on the victim they are not suspect. Her partner in crime issuing with the flow, he knows that he is the second wheel on this, he tend to follow her league but sometimes enough is enough and her boss has the final say. As the series goes along you discover that her mother is in jail. As the story goes along you discover more about her and the difficult relationship that she has with her mother. Overall it is a terrific series.

NON UCCIDERE (2015 - )


GOMORRA (2014 – ) SEASON 1

Gomorra (2014– )

Creators : Leonardo Fasoli, Roberto Saviano, Stefano Bises, Giovanni Bianconi, Ludovica Rampoldi

Cast: Walter Lippa, Salvatore Esposito, Fortunato Cerlino

The series began with two Camorra soldiers  from the Savastano clan planning to kill a rival boss for Don Pietro Savastano (Fortunato Cerlino), who is the city’s major crime boss and series protagonist. They set on fire the house of apartment of his mother on fire where he was having dinner. Fortunately they both got saves and Salvatore wants he revenge. His desire for vengeance leads to a series of bloody and brutal murders of innocent bystanders and gangsters alike. Ciro got in middle of they revenge thing and gets almost killed in a restaurant where a bunch of his comrades got killed. So now Ciro want his revenge you get the point it is the cat and mouse between the 2 gangs. The son of Pietro, Gennaro, also known as Genny has to replace his father when his father dies in order to get him ready Ciro is asked by Genny’s father to teach him the rope of the business.

If you seen the film Gomorra (2008) you are going to love this. It is an inside look at the mafia running drugs and other businesses in Italy. It has a realistic fell of it. It has a grippy style of modern cinema like Neo-noir. It is very well crafted. Everything is right in this series. The acting is top-notch and the chemistry is there with the actors. And yes there is a second season. What I like about it, it is unpredictable everything goes. People are getting whacked like crazy in only 2 episodes. There is a look at the jail and how the behave in there as well. I do not know if they film this in the project but man it looks dark as hell and it is a place I wouldn’t want to live in. The wife of Don Pietro is the strong and smart one of the family plus she is manipulative as hell. She is the one who keeps the family together. Their son Genny is a typical spoiled kid who, at the start of the show, clearly does not have what it takes to walk in his dad’s footsteps. Ciro is the most interesting characters you do not know where he stand in somewhat in the middle but there is something there who is he really? The is some twist and turns in this series which is so refreshing to see. Have fun with this one.

Gomorra (2014– )