Club de Cuervos

Creators: Gary Alazraki, Michael Lam

Cast: Alosian Vivancos, Richie Mestre, Mariana Treviño

The wealthy Iglesias family, whom have prosper in the town of Nuevo Toledo by reopening the local football soccer club of Los Cuervos and reinvigorating the town’s economy by developing huge projects like the local stadium, a 5-star hotel, an airport and highways. So far so good. It begins when the patriarch Salvador Iglesias Sr. (Luis Rábago) dies of a heart attack. His son Salvador “Chava” Iglesias (Luis Gerardo Méndez) who is in love with every women he screws who loves cocaine, and trowing parties, his sister on the other hand cares more about the team, the business. Nut the fun does not stop there Salvador Sr.’s current main squeeze Mary Luz (Stephanie Cayo) reveals to the Iglesias siblings that she’s expecting a baby brother or sister. I know you saw it coming instead of splitting the inheritance 50/50, they’d be splitting it in thirds. No way Jose.

Here is a Netflix Original series in spanish from Mexico The first for Netflix in a foreign language but i heart it won’t be the las a Series called Marseille with Gerard Depardieu is to start in March. Yes I just went to Marseille on my vacation so that is going to be cool. So Now a series done like this one a soccer club owner’s family in chaos I thought my god I have to see this one, well no disappointment here. My hats go to the actors who are terrific as well as the writers. You know the drill this series has it all drugs, parties, hookers, sex scandal, soccer. What more do you want?

Club de Cuervos