Creators: Hania Elkington, Simon Duric

Cast: Sorcha Groundsell, Percelle Ascott, Guy Pearce 

When two teenagers, Harry and June, flee their families to be together, their escape is hindered by an extraordinary discovery – June’s ability to metamorphose. As the young couple struggle to control this strange and new power, a mysterious teacher reveals that June is not alone: many people are capable of shape-shifting like her, and he promises help her control it and to reunite her with her mother who has deserted for 3 years. As the adventure begins thinks are getting complicated.

June (Sorcha Groundsell) and Harry (Percelle Ascott). June’s father is planning to move her far out-of-town on her 16th birthday. June’s dad may have had a very specific reason to get June far from civilization when she turned 16 because, well, June’s got some kind of power. The couple will discover it when a strange man wants to kidnap her but the couple seems to get away with one little problem: June can shapeshift, taking the form of someone nearby while that person’s body is incapacitated in something that resembles a coma. The couple will try to find out what is going on here but in the mix they are trying to figure out why this man wants to kidnap June. Meanwhile, in a remote commune at which June’s mother Elena (Laura Birn) is one of the residents. It’s run by the mysterious Halvorson (Guy Pearce) and Sigrid (Lise Risom Olsen). What is June’s mother is doing there? Well you are going to find to have to watch the series. The subtext here is simple kids sometimes does not know who they really are and kids do run away from home. Not too bad for a series but it is a bit predictable here. Did it do well on Netflix I assume so it is targeted to a younger audience but some adult will like it as well. The storytelling is fine but it is missing something. I hope season 2 will be better.




GRENSELAND (2017 – )


Cast: Tobias Santelmann, Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Benjamin Helstad

English: Title: Borderliner

To protect his brother who is a policer officer who committed a murder, Nikolai (Tobias Stantelmann) who is a police detective tries to cover it up. Little did he know that one thing after an other is going to go wrong and there will be a fine line between right and wrong.

Here is an other Norwegian series that is addictive as hell. I finish it in two days; it is on Netflix. Nikolai who is being on vacation to see his brother due to the fact he is going to testify on trial against one of his own . As soon as he gets there his brother has to go to a crime scene, a man hang himself by the lake. He brings his brother who ends up investigating due to the fact that they are short-handed. He soon finds out that his brothers killed the man and made it look like a suicide.

Here is a series that is fast paced with more than a few surprises. The captain Anniken (Ellen Dorrit Petersen) is on their trail and won’t let it go. So Nikolai is going to take some drastic measure to protect his brother, as he comes to find out that more there is more people involved. Every time he thinks he is out of the water, he sinks back in. It is the hidden and seek of a cat and a mouse going on with somewhat the  picturesque norwegian background. A terrific series here that should be seen. 

borderliner(2017 - )

borderliner(2017 - ) 2




Creators: Jarl Emsell Larsen

Cast: Axel Bøyum, Odin Waage, Anneke von der Lippe

Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy took the publishing industry by storm and everything since then  the Nordic noir is in business. Eyewitness is something slightly different, merging crime thriller and family drama.

When Philip (Axel Bøyum) and Henning (Odin Waage) witness a multiple-murder they stay quiet, fearing for their lives, normal reaction for teenagers. Philip has his foster-mother who is  the officer leading the investigation, Helen Sikkeland (Anneke von der Lippe). When the SRO are drafted in to deal with a drugs war involving The Sixers and a biker band called The Ferrymen, Sikkeland begins to see connections. However, without evidence and the gun that they can’t find she is at a halt and struggle to make progress.


Here is a terrific Nordic Noir as I love them with some terrific actors and story telling. Henning, an alpha male motocross champion, seems more terrified by his family to discover who he is really. In keeping quiet Philip to protects him  but messes up  his already complicated relationship with his foster family. Thank god for trying to avoid the clichés. The performances of the actors are strong with some great sensitive writing to go with it. The Norwegian / Swedish nine series has 6 episodes that are dark and tense.



ACQUITTED (2015 – )


Creators: Anna Bache-Wiig, Siv Rajendram Eliassen

Cast: Nicolai Cleve Broch, Lena Endre, Anne Marit Jacobsen

Coup de coeur  for the Norwegian series Acquitted by Siv Rajendram Eliassen and Anna Bache-Wiig. In the vein of these dark series and of very high quality coming from the North, Acquitted is an unexpected story that will have some twist and turn but at the end will reveal an exploding ending.

Twenty years after being acquitted of a murder, Aksel (Nilsen) Borgen (interpreted by Nicolai Cleve Broch), who had exiled in Asia where he made a fortune, returns to his hometown for business …

In 2013, the American channel broadcasts the series Rectify by Ray McKinnon whose starting point is the return home, 19 years later, of a former condemned to death who was released thanks to new evidence. In 2015, the Norwegians Siv Rajendram Eliassen and Anna Bache-Wiig do the same with this Aksel Borgen and question the reintegration of a man acquitted by the justice but whose innocence is not necessarily recognized by his community d ‘origin.But is he really innocent? Technically they rewrote  the story and made it their own, nothing wrong with that. This uncertainty will create tension in the community over the 10 episodes of 45 minutes of the first season.

Aksel Borgen returns to his area twenty years later to save a bankrupt company and  to avoid the  consequences on the rest of the city. This surprise return does not happen smoothly. Between rejections, physical violence and even fresh reunion with his family, everything does not go as planned. He is not expected as a savior by everyone and will face in particular the fierce opposition of the mother of the child for the murder of which he had been condemned. The beauty of this series the tension will rise slowly to the point it is going to blow at the last episode. Keep in mind and pay attention to the photography here that is so beautiful and yes Norway is a beautiful country. And yes there is a second season enjoy.



OCCUPIED (2015 – )


Creators: Karianne Lund, Jo Nesbø, Erik Skjoldbjærg

Cast: Henrik Mestad, Eldar Skar, Ane Dahl Torp

In the near future, Jesper Berg, the new Prime Minister of Norway, announces that it has decided to honor an election promise by stopping the extraction of oil in the North Sea, the country can now meet its energy needs by thorium nuclear plants. The European Union very dependent on North Sea oil, reacted to this announcement by asking Russia, the USA has left NATO to intervene in Norway to ensure, by all means, the resumption of exploitation of oil platforms.

Here is a series from Norway and I do love those Norwegian series especially their thriller. Even Denmark makes great thriller series and movies. So I decided to take a look at this one and I like it .Occupied is, of course, a purely fictional series. But the Ukrainian conflict which broke out when at the turn of the wheel seems to have given it a realistic touch. The writers must of said to themselves what if? The script who is well written has a constant dramatic progression which builds up the tension into a pressure cooker. Conflict between nations, Occupied focuses on reactions to events of several characters: the Prime Minister, his bodyguard, the ambassador of Russia, a journalist and his wife operates a restaurant the interior minister should they deal in preserving some freedom, or should they resist and is it going to open doors for some other group to make things worst? Here is a series that you should get into at the end of the season one it is open for another season but no word yet. I think I heard a rumor that they will be a second season.