VINYL (2016)


Creators: Rich Cohen, Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese

Cast: Bobby Cannavale, Paul Ben-Victor, P.J. Byrne

Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale) , an exec trying to sell his struggling company. Married to Devon (Olivia Wilde), Richie seems ready to get away from the catastrophe. His business is taking a dive so his is marriage. Using cocaine, drinking, women, and parties Richie is also trying to find the next big thing. But is he going to find it?

Now there is a great cast in their one big time Ray Romano , Max Casella, P.J. Byrne , and Juno Temple . Dam here we go. You get to be introduced to the characters and little by little young said to yourself damn! this was the 70’s and yes it is taking place in the 70’s but there is a twist later a few episode later Richie accepts help well you know from who after all it is a Scorsese series. At first you see Richie who love Devon and trying to do right by her but he is struggling for it, you begin to see who is really Richie.It is a monstrous paradox Vinyl and you will be as addicted after the two first episode. It is a wild ride and the costume and design of the 70’s here is dead on. Dam I remember those good old days. Party, muscle cars, and great women. Scorsese has done great  here recreating those time but unfortunately HBO has decided to pull the plug only 10 episodes and that is it. Have fun.





Creators: Hervé Hadmar et Marc Herpoux

Cast: Jalil Lespert, Simon Abkarian, Armelle Deutsch 

English title:Pigalle at night 

Thomas works in the City of London. During a stay in Paris, he goes to a strip club and discovers that her sister, Emma, whom he has not seen for two years, is the star. He tries to talk to her, but she escapes him. Soon after, she mysteriously disappears without a trace. Thomas then began to explore the Pigalle district  to find her. It is then linked to a conflict between Zainoun Nadir, owner of the two main clubs of Pigalle, and the mysterious owner of a new club, Paradise. This rivalry will destabilize the small world of Pigalle where everyone knows…

Here is a cool series that lasted one year. It was popular in France and Canal plus decided to pull the plug. Now if you are not familiar With Pigalle is where the Moulin Rouge is plus there is sex shop and strip clubs also well some. Pigalle  at night is lively you can find everything there. The 2 creators lived in Pigalle and observed people there and there. They even interacted with them which one said to them I am looking for my sister. And so this is how the script started.

Nadir owes 2 strip club Plus a sex shop he does not like competition and a group of Russian has this club across the street called Paradise. In the mix there is Thomas who is French but works in New York. Plus Pigalle there is a lot of secrets going around. It was shot in Pigalle by the sex shop but the rest of it was done at Luc Besson Stidio a la cité of cinema. Do to  creative difference with the creators and the studio production stop. And that is a shame because it was so looking good.




Simon Abkarian

Simon Abkarian

XANADU (2011)


creator: Séverine Bosschem

Cast: Jean-Baptiste Malartre, Julien Boisselier, Nathalie Blanc

The Valadine family has a top of the line great empire porn business. Alex Valadine, porn czar and patriarch of this family bruised, leads the porn clan.The Xanadu productions have revolutionized the porn film industry in the 80s thanks to their muse, Elise Jess. Alex’s first wife and the mother of his three children, Elise disappeared there ten years ago, but his ghost and the mystery of his disappearance still haunts the family home. Alex Valadine is pushed out by his children, Sarah and Laurent Valadine, determined to bring the Xanadu empire in the twenty-first century.


Now this is not a porno series it is the story of this porno family. It is not for children obviously and yes there is some sex scenes and nudity. Having said that it has its funny moment. This this an empire who are keeping up with the time if you have not noticed by now the porno business is changing because of the internet. You can make a porno with a camcorder in a little apartment film the scene and download it on a website. The viewer would have to pay a monthly fee to see it. Well the head of the family does nor understand that he wants to stay the way it is filming with 35mm film and have a story behind it like they were doing in the 80’s. However his son has other plan. he wants to expand the business that is changing otherwise the all business will go down. The characters are :

Laurent Valadine who is the eldest son who is serious and responsible and not afraid to tell his father what is n his mind. Alex Valadine, this is the Monarch X that has gradually left behind and can neither turn the page, or to step down.Vanessa used to be a porn star beautiful body as well as a beautiful women but unfortunately age sets in and the jobs are fierce and she is trying to find her way. Elise Jess is Alex”s muse who died in 1992 she was the dazzling sensational porn star back then, but her won inability of raising children plus being in the porn business does not help. Varvara Valadine is the second wife of Alex who was a porn star retired now and wants an ordinary home life with Alex who she loves dearly. Anne Valadine the wife of Laurent who disapprove of his family’s business and wants a life better life with more money in a way she wants to be a bourgeois. She wants Laurent to distant himself from the family business and his father. Sarah Valadine is the sister of Laurent who is the third wheel and wants revenge because she had a terrible childhood. Lapo Valadine is the younger son of the family. he is both the bad seed and the gifted son way of head of his tim in the porno business. His character is awesome he plays it with sun glasses at all the time and a calm smooth creepy voice. Brendon is the hunk of a porn star with a baby face and soul however his life as a porn star is not without risk. Bobby Max is the ex-boyfriend of Alex, a director in the porn business since the 70’s returns to work for Xanadu and falls in love with Anne Valadine. to finish this the last one is Lou she becomes the new muse of Xanadu. Arte did that series in 2011 but they killed it after the first season I think due to low rating. It is a bold series very well written with guts and love. 




Creator: Steven S. DeKnight

Cast: John Hannah, Manu Bennett, Peter Mensah 

This was the story of Spartacus a little before he became the god of the arena. Unfortunately the series stopped here because Andy Whitfield tragically found himself battling cancer and died and the producers had to reset the casting process. When Andy was batting cancer the producers decided to do the prequel of the family the Batiatus/Lucretia storyline. Than went on to make Spartacus: Blood and sand with a fairly new Casting. It is bloody with nudity and violent as hell well that the way it was back then. People were slave and taken by a family with a bunch of fighters and force to fight in the arena against an other family’s fighters to the death. The thing that I don’t like is too many slow-motion shot they should be a few than back to normal. Other than that it is fine the writing is great so is the action. Lucy Lawless, Craig Parker, and John Hannah is perfect casting there. Andy Whitfield is brilliant as Spartacus and he stand out with a fine performance. The fighting scene are superb no doubt. The story line is fluid and moves along just fine like you would expect no boring scenes there. See back then there were bisexual men and women as well as heterosexuals sex was done where ever even people were watching that is what it was back then. It was a wild party at best and the wine was flowing with good food. Yeah! I know it was a little bit barbaric then but that is was it was. Over all great series.



V (1984 – 1985)


Creator: Kenneth Johnson

Cast: Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Michael Ironside

A year after the liberation day (The red dust bacteria) the humanoid, lizard-like aliens develop a resistance to the micro-organism and are truing to decontrol the earth (in the mini series we were invaded by the humanoid lizard like) Some humans are working for them but other form a resistance and determine to take back earth.

Here is an original series that is unique in a way it has never been done before and at the time seeing the mini-series that was based on I was totally hooked unfortunately the series lasted a year.  the series began at the monumental Alien mothership seen over 50 cities of the world. A request was made by these aliens to meet with the Secretary General of the United Nations in New York at 8PM. At 8PM ships descended from the mothership, moments later the U.N meets the new Visitors. a strange man make an announcement that they came in peace and state that his planet is in a state of an environmental difficulty and he needs of the help of the people of earth in exchange that he could fixe are health problem and others problem that we may have. Some began to question the true motive of these visitors.You know it is a little bit predictable because you know they came here to conquer and control. Their environmental needs is a distraction to turn attention away for what they really were doing. The series moved along just fine it was running like a thriller of sort the suspense was there. It is quiet good to me and I think it is video streaming on Netflix if it is still there. Not in France unfortunately. Have fun with this unique series it is worth a look. It is a classic cult mini-series.


JOHN DOE (2002 – 2003)


Creators: Brandon Camp, Mike Thompson. 

Cast: Dominic Purcell, Jayne Brook, John Marshall Jones. 

‘John Doe’ is called thus because nobody knows the name of the man who literally fell from the sky, naked, in the sea near an obscure island. When Cambodian fishermen save him, it soon becomes clear his memory is gone he does not know his name or where he comes from and has more factual knowledge stored in his brain. He is a walking encyclopedia and is also colorblind he sees in black and white. The Two police detectives who are  trying to help him are frustrated by finding his own story a little bit disturbing. It was a great series but din’t get the rating that it suppose to do so it got ditched. It is like rewriting the story of the Bourne Identity. Jason Bourne in the movie quickly realizes he is a spy, and his knowledge is limited to the essential spy skills, whereas John Doe isn’t a spy (that we know of yet), and his knowledge is limitless. The show is packed with intrigue and leaves things as they are until John see a little girl in color. It takes you on the ride and you will love every moment. I am pretty sure you should find this one on Netflix.

john doe


FIREFLY (2002)


Creator: Joss Whedon. 

Cast: Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk. 

Five hundred years in the future, a renegade crew aboard a small spacecraft tries to survive as they travel the unknown parts of the galaxy. They get jobs legal or illegal to survive.

Here was a great series that lasted one season only. Whedon figure out let’s do a sci-fi series space cowboy  basically like a sci-fi western. well so far so good. The crew includes Zoe (Gina Torres), Mal’s second-in-command; her husband, Wash (Alan Tudyk), who’s also the pilot; Kaylee (Jewel Staite), the fresh- scrubbed ship’s engineer; and Jayne (Adam Baldwin), the dumb muscle. On board are the beautiful Inara (Morena Baccarin), who’s a prostitute finally the profession is legal and highly regarded. And there’s Book (Ron Glass), a religious man spreading the gospel planet to planet. Let’s not forget the doctor, Simon (Sean Maher), and his crazy-genius sister, River (Summer Glau), who escaped the clutches of the Alliance and may have been part of a secret experiment of theirs. So far you have a genius series. I think Weldon loved star wars and western so he figures why not combine the two together. Of course the language is silly but good. Brilliant series from Wheldon. I am going to get that in my collection soon.