RITA ( 2012 – )


Creator: Christian Torpe

Cast: Mille Dinesen, Lise Baastrup, Nikolaj Groth

This a Danish series and it is pretty good so far as far as season one. A teacher who was rebellious when she was younger, now teaches at school. She has 3 kids, is a single mom. She lives almost next to the school she teaches. You know when you are in not your typical U.S series is when you see a beautiful Danish woman in her 40’s smoking in the bathroom of the school. She reads the graffiti on the wall and sees one that caught her attention and need correcting it reads “Rita was fucking the principal” she corrects it, Rita is fucking the principal. She gets out because the bells as rung and goes to class. She is a single mother with 3 kids and they are dysfunctional family. She wear tight jeans a shirt and a shirt over it. She is trying to keep it together and has her way of teaching.  It has funny moment aand moves along just fine. Her son who is gay and won’t admit it to himself and everybody knows that he is gay. Her daughter is self-conscious because her boyfriends has broken up with her because she had no ass. and her older son is getting married at 22 years old who has a nice family. Well this is it you are going to have to watch this series.




DEXTER (2006 – 2013)



Creator: James Manos, Jr.

Cast: Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas. 

His name is Dexter. By day he works at the Miami Metro Police as a blood spatter specialist. By night well he his a serial killer. Dexter is not like any other serial killer he has a code taught by his father who was a Police officer. Dexter is adopted, he has a sister who also work as a detective in Miami Metro Police. The Ice Truck Killer who is a serial killer himself is emerging in Miami and Dexter is on his trail. He gets to the crime scene and his fellow officer says “Sorry dexter we don’t need you. ” It is a crime scene without blood. The ice truck killer is playing a game with dexter and Dexter is willing to play.

Here is a series that is a little corky, funny and has great Drama. Dexter (Michael Hall) is a serial killer who has a code. He has a sister named Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) who he his protective of and has no idea that her brother is a serial killer. She is a rookie detective trying to move up the ladder. Dexter ha a girlfriend who has kids from a previous abusive relationship. She is too emotionally damage to want sex and that is just fine to Dexter. In flashbacks and snippets of autobiography his father (who was a police officer)  is preparing him for life ahead. “You’re different, aren’t you Dexter?” Harry asks him in a flashback after finding the remains of a neighbor’s dog. He gave Dexter the police training that he needed. Like so many serial killer he keeps trophy of his killing, he puts a drop of the victim’s blood on a microscope slide and files it in a wooden box kept hidden behind the air conditioner in his clean, waterfront apartment.The series’s main plot revolves around the police department’s effort to track down the serial killer responsible for the trail of bloodless corpses. It is going to be only 8 season for this one and it was a great 8 years watching Dexter.



HOGAN’S HEROS (1965 – 1971)


Creators: Bernard FeinAlbert S. Ruddy.                                                                                                                                    

Cast:  Bob CraneWerner KlempererJohn Banner

Colonel Hogan (Bob Crane) leads a ragtag band of POW’s caught behind German lines. The Germans give Hogan and his crew plenty of opportunities to sabotage their war mission. Colonel Klink is more concerned with having everything run smoothly and avoiding any trouble with his superiors. He doesn’t want to be reassign in the front line So he tries to be tough on Hogan and his crew.

It is not so far fetch but they made it in a comedy. During war time they were Americans who tried to free POWs some of them succeeded some did not however they saved lives. Here they made it in a sitcom that the majority  of the audience loved. It was a little ridiculous but fun to watch.It is life between American POWs and their German guards, constantly trying to put one over on each other. it was copied from the movie Stalag 13, which the series got saw by the major studio who released the movie. I got introduced to the series by a friends of mine back in the  late 70’s when I was in the U.S. back then and I thought it was a little absurd but I liked it. if you have not seen it yet do so you might like it. You might find it on Netflix.