Creator: Charlie Brooker

Cast: Chris Martin Hill, Hannah John-Kamen, Beatrice Robertson-Jones

The first two seasons of the great British series Black Mirror consist of a grand total of seven episodes (including the Christmas Special starring Jon Hamm). So far so good. The third season of the series has 6 episodes, nearly doubling the seasons one and two. Each season has their own stories.

NOSEDIVE: In a distant future where people rate each other through their daily social interactions, we follows a young woman (Bryce Dallas Howard) trying to move into an upper-class neighbourhood. she must secure a high-ranking and a friend’s wedding seems like the perfect occasion to up her social status. But unfortunately , not everything goes according to plan. It is like the network that we have now but friends has to like you in order to be popular. I thought they were going to go somewhere dark with it  but the episode turned  out to be funny.


PLAYTEST: An adventurous backpacker (Wyatt Russell) signs up to test an experimental virtual reality game. While the technology starts off as fun, it eventually it goes into this horror trip from hell. Actually it is my favourite one.  Nightmarish imagery is employed to scare the viewer and a few moments. It was a bit predictable here but hey! what isn’t those days. I knew how it was going to end. Maybe it should end differently. well c’est la vie.

SHUT UP AND DANCE: Here is the coolest one of them all . Anteenager (Alex Lawther) is  blackmailed  after the hackers record him through his webcam. In order to keep an embarrassing video off the internet, the teenager goes through with their increasingly strange demands. Great performance by the actors here. What I like they think they are done and the hackers keeps demanding stranger demands.  The ending is just right there they nailed it. So cool.

SAN JUNIPERO: In 1987,  (Mackenzie Davis) meets an outgoing party girl (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) in a strange town. However, things aren’t exactly what they seem and a timeless romance soon blossoms between them. They keep meeting in different time and you think they are time travellers. They try to look for each other every time the switch world. I do love this on as well do to the fact this one is the romantic one and become a bit twisted.

MAN AGAINST FIRE: After his first battle a soldier with an elusive enemy A soldier becomes experiencing unfamiliar sensation and strange technical glitches. I do love this one where they will be a twist in there they even ended it just right. This soldier goes in battle to fight the enemy but he comes back he has some vision and glitches that will question him of what is going on here. When he does well he superior gives him an alternative and the end I did not expect here it is so good.

HATED IN THE NATION: A journalist (Elizabeth Berrington) is brutally murdered, two detectives (Kelly Macdonald, Faye Marsay) investigate a series of homicides that are linked to social media. Unfortunately, the case is complex and things are out of control. So far season 3 seems to deliver some great episodes. I can’t wait until season 4.





Creator:  Charlie Brooker

Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Toby Kebbell, Rory Kinnear

Season 2 is great. With 3 new episodes and I can’t wait for the next season to start. Here is a break out series that is creative and well written from Charlie Brooker.

Episode 1 Be right back: A couple leaves in the country somewhere in England. They are happy together and everything is going well.  Ash has to return the moving van and gets into an accident and dies. Martha is left to cope with loneliness a woman suggest that she goes with this service a computer software to help her out with her grieving. an interesting one there.


Episode 2. White bear: Here is a woman who is just waking up to a suicide attempt   a bunch of pills laying on the floor to top it all off she does not remember who she is. When she goes out side she finds people are filming her with their smart phone  and finds that she’s being hunted by a group of masked goons who ants to kill her. This one comes across like the film Running man a little bit but differently.


Episode 3: final regular episode of the series is “The Waldo Moment,” and it’s about a man who voices a foul-mouthed animated bear (Waldo) during segments of a popular talk show.It shows how politicians can be almost by a cartoon character played by comic dude who is uneducated and bashes the politicians to death. Look at Donald Trump the thing he says and the scary part is that people are going to vote for him and he does not know politics what so ever. The last one is not as brilliant as the other episodes but it makes a point about politicians.


A must to have in you collection.

BLACK MIRROR (2011 – )

black mirror

Creator: Charlie Brooker

Cast: Bryony Neylan-Francis, Shawn Aldin-Burnett, Daniel Kaluuya 

This series is brilliant. There are three episodes, each a bleak and dark story about how the modern, internet and technology filled world could plunge us into hell. The first, is one set in the present.  The fictional princess is kidnapped by an unknown person and a video ransom is posted anonymously on YouTube  saying that unless the prime minister had sexual intercourse with a pig live broadcast on every British television channel in four days, she would be killed. The story is gripping, and has a silver feel to it, the actors are brilliant, and the episode is well-directed, like the little thing like the stress on the prime minister face and his hair seems to thin out, well done here.

I am not going to tell you about the other stories just in case you have not see the series yet. and yes it is a British series and I do love those series it is well thought out, they used their imagination big time. It is like a new modern version of the twilight series. They rewrote the series. Perfect. could not be better. It is brilliant and disturbing as well. it is about human nature and the technology that we abuse and can’t go without. The stories are out of this world. There is six episode by season with varying tone, structure, and narrative scope, it focuses on characters that respond to extreme situations. Every stories comes with a shocking ending and a narrative conclusion. That is all I am going to go into. This series is a must see.


black mirror 460

DEAD SET (2008)

dead set

Creator: Charlie Brooker

Cast: Jaime Winstone, Andy Nyman, Riz Ahmed.

On the set on the television set of Big Brother it is elimination night, but something is going on something strange. The dead are coming alive and are eating the living. When zombies attacks the audience outside the Big Brother contestant are being clueless what is going on until the show’s runner, Kelly, comes into the house and warns them of the doom outside. stuck in less space and very no contact from the outside world. They must go outside to find supplies and food.

Here is British mini-series from Charlie Brooker and it is awesome, I must say genius. Now He said he was going to do more in 2013 and it didn’t happen that I know of and I am glad he should leave it like that. Like I said it has an ending that is genius. It is bloody as hell and gory  the horror fans will not be disappointed I guarantee you. now the zombie in any movie moves slow so killing them or getting away from them but in this series the move as fast as a human being so it is not easy to get away from them but  you still have to shoot them in the head to kill them. That makes things a little interesting now. First the Big Bother reality show was a great idea. it manages to create an authentic mood of apocalyptic distress, with the collapse of society. The actor delivered the best performance and the writers as done a great job. Brilliant series bu Charlie Brooler.