Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Cast: Essie Davis, Nathan Page, Hugo Johnstone-Burt

Melbourne, Australia, 1928. Wealthy, titled, free-spirited  knockout Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis), a feminist of the post-WWI Western world, has returned to Australia to make sure imprisoned child killer Murdoch Foyle (Nicholas Bell) remains behind bars. Phryne is convinced that Foyle is the man responsible for the disappearance (and presumed death) of her little sister years ago well she can’t prove it. In the meantime, Phryne quite by accident because she has brains and guts proves herself to be adept at solving  crimes and murders, leading to her new career path as a private detective for hire. Along the way, she acquires an extended family: Dot Williams (Ashleigh Cummings), a shy Catholic girl whom Phryne rescues to be her servant; Bert and Cec (Travis McMahon and Anthony Sharpe), two laborers who serve as Phryne’s chauffeurs, and other things and Mr. Butler (Richard Bligh), who is her butler. Detective Inspector Jack Robinson (Nathan Page), of the Melbourne Police, is at first irritated by Phyrne’s pushy, interfering ways…but once he sees how clever and useful she can be in an investigation, he develops an admiration for her skills.

Based on the novels by Kerry Greenwood, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries fans of the book are going to appreciate this little well done, filmed, and well written series. The stories revolves around Miss Fisher who is a strong independent woman, free-spirited, marriage is out of the question as well as kids but is this sexually liberated woman who makes a go of it at solving crimes. They took a chance with this character to be sexually loose and free-spirited, Okay there were women like that already back in the day plus I love the fact that she has a gold-plated gun. She is going from Jazz club to jazz club drinking and dancing all night. Viewers might find this series over the top but seriously it stand out. It is a smart, savvy, sophisticated and endless of fun series that is worth watching.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries




Creator: Tom Kapinos

Cast: David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone, Evan Handler

Hank Moody (David Duchovny) was a famous writer wrote a successful book that run into a movie, than suddenly nothing for years. He lost his love of his life, they broke up of which he has a 13 years old daughter going on 30. He has this let’s say little problem he is a self-loathing, drug , boozing , cigarette smoking, womanizing somewhat loser bad boy image that he can’t shake off well it is addictive to top it all off he wants to get back with his ex. His agent wants him to write an other book, and his daughter wants him to grow up, yeah! that is going to happen.

Here is a series that single out the woman. It is targeted for men of course. It bust with cliché but who cares it is fun to watch. Here is somehow a ‘à something man who somehow went off the deep end went into a boozing screwing women and doing a line of coke on a hooker’s ass Hank is having fun and does not care too much about anything else. It is well written and so well acted, the casting is perfect this series could not be better. David Duchovny and Natascha McElhone give the Hank/Karen relationship some sense of love complete with flirtation, frustration,yelling at each other and unwilling attraction. Also there is moody as a father who lacks of emotional stability. He is trying to get his ex girlfriend back but keeps enmeshing it up. This series in noy for kids by the way obviously. The show is raw and shocking, while still being moving and engaging and it is not for everybody, but it is a good time. they did take risks on this one even the actors it is not easy to be in bed with an actress and you are going to do this and that , they really pushed the envelope to the limit. It all came to an end but you can get it on DVD and watch over again.

Californication 2

Californication 3



Creator: Tom Kapinos.

Cast: David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone, Evan Handler.

A self-loathing, alcoholic writer attempts to repair his damaged relationships with his daughter and her mother. In the mean time he is a sex addict, who uses drug and possibly an alcoholic trying to get to write an other book after the success of his first one. Good luck with that one buddy.

Great series but most women are not going to like that one however most man will. In this series you will experience Dark sarcasm, Big egos, cigarettes, booze, drugs, and defeatism so fasten you seat belt and enjoy the ride. Here it is you have a writer who is New York has a big success on his first book that turned into a movie and made a lot of money. Then has writer’s block losing the relationship with his girlfriend and daughter and ends up in Los Angeles for a new start. on the top of that he is trying to re candle the relationship with his girlfriend and daughter.  Here is the thing Duchovny went into treatment because he was a sex addict. life imitate arts. There is some raunchy moments in this series and you might be offended but on the other hand for some people won’t be. This show is not for kids it is an adult humor and sarcasms. It is a wild ride of self loathing  and what better to do it in Los Angeles. Duchovny character goes downhill from there and his escapade are escalating  at a speed of a elevator that is going down. His daughter has growing up quickly as she see threw him. Hank is trying to be a father to her but with his self loathing drug and alcohol consumption is figures out that it is not easy nor trying to get back to his girlfriend.




THE X-FILES (1993-2000)


Creators: Chris Carter.

Cast: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pilegli.

Two FBI agents, Fox Mulder the believer and Dana Scully the skeptic, Investigates paranormal cases that sometimes takes then into a government conspiracy Finding about aliens and such. They put their careers and their lives at risk . They solve by any means necessary. Terrific series from fox. It survived location and cast changes. They were tension between Scally (Gillian Anderson) and Mulder (David Duchovny) a little bit of sexual tension as the shows went on. It is my favorite shows of all time a great rides for 9 years. I love the cigarette smoking man (William B. Davis) always a step ahead of Scally and Mulder I loved that character He was also known as the cancer man .He also had multiple aliases, he was the antagonist. he is a key member in a government conspiracy only known as the Syndicate . Also Mulder believes that his sister has been taken by aliens. as the seasons went on Scally little by little became a believer and was more open to ideas of paranormal. Over all a great series.