Creators: Emmanuel Daucé, Charline de Lépine, Dan Franck, Frédéric Tellier

Cast: Bruno Wolkowitch, Grégory Fitoussi, Philippe Magnan

English: The men in the shadows. 

Visiting St; Etienne dans la loire a bomb strike the strikers were picketing but in vain the President of France as been murdered. The political world is agitated: early presidential elections to be held within the next thirty-five days. There is no doubt that Philip Deleuvre, Prime Minister, will run for the Elysee. But what few people know is that the prime minister knows more things he claimed. This state causes lie back in business Simon Kapita, a former communications adviser (spin doctor) of the late president. Anxious to preserve the honor of his deceased friend and some form of political ethics, the man of the shadows has now set a goal: to find a candidate who will be able to beat Deleuvre. Will they succeed?

Here is a terrific political series it is our West Wing but a little differently. Those men who are behind the candidate that is running you will see them in action. They tell their candidate how to deliver a speech, to comport themselves what today , how to say it even what to wear, who to do the interview with and when well you get the point here. It is very well written, the cast is terrific here and deliver a punch of a performance I love that the fact it is shot in Paris, well I am there. Of course they also have people to find them dirt on the opposite party, the back stabbing will usely follow. The series is well pasted with the usual who is sleeping with whom. Well yes hello this is the political world here and shit happens. The only thing I don’t like is that there is only two season every other year there is a season not like the rest of the world where there is a season every year I think here they want quality writing and they are carefully planning the next season. As John Truby the screen writer said it takes time to write a good script. It is streaming on Netflix at least the first season in Europe. I can’t wait to see the second season. Only Six episode here but well worth it.

	More at IMDbPro » Les hommes de l'ombre (2012– )

	More at IMDbPro » Les hommes de l'ombre (2012– )






Creators :Frédéric KrivineEmmanuel DaucéPhilippe Triboit

Cast : Robin RenucciAudrey FleurotThierry Godard

In June 1940, Villeneuve, fictional small sub-prefecture of Jura, is distraught by the arrival of the German army. The Occupation of France has just begun, it will last four years. Four years during which we will live with Daniel, Marcel, Marie, Raymond, Jeannine, Lucienne, and many others, in a world where fear, hunger, danger in their daily lives. Four years during which we will share the fate of these ordinary characters, discover their flaws, their secrets and their ability to live in troubled waters.

Here is a great French series. It takes place in 1940 in a fictional little town in the Jura. The thing is that they talk with world war II veteran talk about this they say there were not enough food to go around they had to feed the german first the rest was for them. Some of them were just kids back then. Some own businesses. There was a black market for all kind of food and other merchandise. The first Season was the introduction the occupation of the germans and them settle down. The other seasons some secrets comes out , an underground resistance is surfacing. Of course they are numerous love triangles., and let’s not forget there is wine drinking after all it is a French series. A must watch I have it in my collection.